Random Fun Facts You Didn’t Know Before

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Most people like learning trivial random facts concerning all kinds of topics, and that’s probably why most quiz shows are so successful. While knowing the fun facts in themselves is great, there is also the fact that there is usually more to those facts that are just as interesting and should be learned. Here are some interesting facts and some additional related information.

Avocado Aren’t Veggies

While you may assume avocados are vegetables, they’re actually fruits. More specifically, they’re a single-seeded berry. That is a fun random fact, but there is another interesting story related to avocados.

They evolved to be consumed by big creatures like the megafauna that thrived during the ice age. Those included the woolly mammoth and giant ground sloth. But while those species died out, the avocados remained. That’s because humans came to like the big berry and kept planting it!

Australia’s Wider Than the Moon

The continent of Australia is actually wider than the diameter of the moon! While the moon is almost 2,113 miles in diameter, Australia is almost 2,486 miles from east to west.

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In fact, Australia is even bigger than that because the continental land mass extends further beneath the waves. Next to Australia, there’s an entire submerged continent called Zealandia, parts of which are above the sea, including New Zealand, New Caledonia, and several smaller islands.

Dining Like the Ancient Romans

One interesting random fact about the ancient Romans is that they dropped a piece of toast into vino for good health, and that’s why people today say “raise a toast.” Who would have thought?!

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The ancient Romans had many interesting dining practices that are still followed today, including starting the meal with appetizers and following special dining etiquette like washing hands, using utensils, and refraining from belching and slurping. They also did some things differently, like dining in a reclined position.

The Eiffel Tower Gets Taller Periodically

The Eiffel Tower gets almost seven inches taller every summer due to an effect called thermal expansion. This happens when iron heats up and its particles gain kinetic energy that makes them take up more space.

This effect is known by engineers and considered when building items such as bridges, pipelines, power lines, railway tracks, and various other structures.