Smallest Town in the World Has Only 50 Residents

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Have you ever wondered which is the smallest town in the world? It’s a place that’s so small, you can walk it around in less than a day. If you love traveling, add this town to your destination list. You won’t be disappointed. Read on and take a look at its charming history.

The Smallest Town on Earth

The smallest town in the world can be found in the northwestern part of Croatia. It’s called Hum, and it’s only 100 meters long and 349m above sea level. It’s located in the Istria region, and the history of its construction is quite interesting. According to legend, the town was built ages ago by giants looking for a place where they could settle. However, running out of big stones made them work with smaller ones, and that is how Hum came to be.

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Of course, that’s probably not true, but it all sounds amazing. The town was first mentioned in 1102, and its name was Cholm when the dwellings were built. Hum was originally a watchtower where only a few people could live and look out for any surprise armies. A bell tower was added in 1552, and a parish church was built in 1802. As the town is surrounded by walls, the architecture is very well-preserved.

How Many People Live There?

So, how many residents are there in Hum? According to tourists, it depends on the times of the year you decide to visit. In 2011, the people who lived there were about 30. However, in 2021, the number was 52. Indeed, you can only see a couple of streets there, but Hum has its charm, and it’d be a great destination to consider. Just imagine how cool it would be to meet the residents and learn more about how they live!