Staggering Amount of Money Super Bowl Ads Cost by the Second

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It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is one of the most watched programs in the US, and as such, it gets to have the most expensive ads on a per-second basis. The show is watched by hundreds of millions of people, so companies have a pretty good incentive to pay for an advert slot during that time. The cost of ads for Super Bowl LVIII was no exception to this rule.

The Expensive Super Bowl Ads

As the San Francisco 49ers faced the Kansas City Chief and Taylor Swift was in the crowd supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, there was also the halftime show and some of TV’s most expensive ads. They feature big names, recognizable faces and brands, some stunning performances, and anything else that may catch the attention of the viewers.

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They get more impressive year after year and range in nature from film ads to commercials for food and products. Big stars get paid big bucks to endorse products that companies hope will become the next sensation. With millions of viewers globally, it is certainly worth it.

The Ads Also Get Internet Exposure

In the world of ads, millions of viewers translate into cash, so getting a product featured in a Super Bowl advertisement is a huge win. This is why, in the last two decades, the cost of ads has spiked as football gets more and more commercialized. In 2002, 30 seconds cost $2.2 million, or $73,333 a second. Today, the same ad time is $7 million — or $233,333 per second.

The massive rise in social media platforms in the past decade has added to the price because they add millions more viewers to those who would see the 30-second clip on live TV. And let’s not forget the fact that Super Bowl ads are watched online, even years after that particular tournament has passed.