Footage of Paramedics Testing Jet Suits for Rescues Is Being Compared to Grand Theft Auto

People who were doubting that the future is now probably haven’t seen the Jet Suit Paramedic. This new approach to getting assistance to people utilizes jet suits instead of ambulances and helicopters to get to certain locations more easily and faster. This way, paramedics can quickly respond to emergencies, especially in remote areas.

Jet Suits for Paramedics

Paramedics Tested Gravity Industries Jet Suits for Use In RescuesThe Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) has collaborated with the jet suit company, Gravity Industries, to test one of their jet suits, and shared footage of it in action. The nifty suit is intended to be used by paramedics in the Lake District, where traditional emergency response vehicles, such as helicopters, face difficulties in landing due to the uneven terrain. With the use of jet suits, medical assistance can be provided within seconds, pushing the boundaries of emergency response.

The jet suit was tested at Langdale Pikes in the Lake District, where Gravity Industries’ founder, Richard Browning, flew from the valley floor to a simulated casualty site on The Band, close to Bowfell. In the absence of the jet suit, it would have taken paramedics around 25 minutes to reach the patient on foot. However, the use of the jet suit reduced the travel time to a mere 90 seconds.

The Jet Suit Looks Like Fiction

The director of operations and paramedic at GNAAS, Andy Mawson, stated that the need for the jet suit was evident. However, the practicality of using it was uncertain. After witnessing its successful application, Mawson expressed his admiration, stating that it was awesome.

Although the jet suit is undeniably a useful tool for emergency responders, it is difficult to overlook its resemblance to a gadget from a video game or movie. Many people who saw the footage of the test were quick to make this connection, with some drawing comparisons to Grand Theft Auto. Despite its futuristic appearance, the practical benefits of the suit in emergency situations are undeniable. If there is a positive aspect to a video game becoming a reality, it is the potential to save lives through innovative technology.

A Short Movie Shows What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers

A short movie that was made a few years ago shows how English may sound to someone that has no knowledge of the language.

A Short Movie Shows How English Sounds Like to Non-English SpeakersA Short Film in Fake English

Originally called Skwerl, the movie features two actors portraying a couple that has a special occasion and is about to celebrate it during a lovely dinner. However, instead of everything coming out roses, things start to escalate into a massive fight.

While it may seem like a regular short movie at first, as soon as you focus on the actual words that are coming out of the fighting couple’s mouths, you’ll realize that this is not just an ordinary film. It sounds like the couple is speaking in English but it’s quite hard to pick up what they’re actually saying. Soon enough, you start to realize that it’s largely gibberish.

The Film Was Created 11 Years Ago

Karl Eccleston, Brian FairbairnCreated by the duo Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston for a short film event in Sydney, Australia, the movie aired 11 years ago, billing the piece as A Short Film in Fake English. You can find the film on YouTube with the title How English Sounds to Non-English Speakers.

The short film is described as being in “fake English” meaning that the whole script is made up of real English words, words that sound a bit like English, and complete “gobbledygook.” One of the main ideas behind the film is that it’s enough the follow the actors’ body language and read the non-verbal forms of communication and still work out what is going on, even though the words aren’t intelligible in English.

A 1972 Song With the Same Idea

The short movie isn’t the first attempt to show what English sounds to those who don’t speak it. Adriano Celentano, an Italian singer, released a song in 1972 called “Prisencolinensinainciusol.”

Adriano CelentanoThe tongue-twister song is in total gibberish but sounds like someone is singing in English with an American accent. “Prisencolinensinainciusol” made the top 10 in four countries, including Celentano’s native Italy, and number two in Belgian. It was also a hit in the UK where native speakers couldn’t understand a word.