Well-Known Sign Language Interpreter Steals the Show Again

For those of you who don’t know her, Kelly Kurdi is one of the most renowned sign language interpreters. She’s been featured in plenty of concerts all over the USA, stealing the show everywhere she goes. Most recently, the interpreter became the center of attention for her performance of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”. The video of her performance went viral all over social media.

The Sign Language Version of “Baby Got Back”

Well-Known Sign Language Interpreter Steals the Show Again

The viral clip shows the sign language interpreter signing “Baby Got Back” on a cruise ship. The whole performance, incredibly detailed and informative, is not just helpful for deaf people attending the event but is also tremendously entertaining for the entire audience.

Even people who aren’t versed in the language recognized many of Kelly’s moves, especially her ‘shake it’ and ‘butt’ signs. The video got a whopping 1.2 million likes on TikTok.

The sign language interpreter’s performance was amazing, no two words about it. Still, seeing interpreters at concerts and tours hasn’t yet caught on. Kelly has commented on the matter, just like many people in the online world. They believe interpreters at rap concerts and other events should become the new normal.

Kelly’s Cardi B Performance

Kelly Kurdi first became viral for her sign language skills at a music festival in Lollapalooza. There, she interpreted Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of their song of the year, “W.A.P.”

While the audience had generally gathered to see the two rappers perform, those close to the stage were far more interested in Kelly’s interpretation. The song was surely popular, but the sign language version skyrocketed. The reason – Kelly’s version was just as filthy as the original.

On her Instagram page, the interpreter thanked everyone who showed her so much attention, saying she loved her job as a freelance interpreter because it allowed her to take part in providing access to the deaf community at such music events.

Samsung Settings People Should Think About Changing Right Away

Samsung phones have come a long way in their journey, and they’ve become a lot more technical and with more detailed settings. However, certain features are difficult to turn off, and some are set by default. If you’re not a fan of some of these features, here you can find ways to change them to fit your liking!

Switch to Gesture Navigation

When you get into your new Samsung phone, there are two options for navigating the pages and interface. Most users might prefer the original three-button option, but those who want something different can try another setting. Go to the Settings menu on your phone and find the options for the navigation bar to choose swipe gestures. New and fun!

Get More Detailed Notifications

Some people like to hide the notifications, but this option is for those who want more of a preview. If you go to the settings of your Samsung phone, you can find the option for notifications, then lock screen notifications and change it to show content. This way, you will see detailed notifications instead of only an icon.

Keep ‘Always On’ On

The ‘always on’ display is a fine feature to have. It lets you see the time and pending notifications quickly without doing too much. However, on default, it’s set to you having to tap the screen to see it. If that’s annoying to you, change it! Go to the ‘always on display’ menu and change the setting to ‘always on.’ This way, instead of tapping on the screen, you will see what you need. It does drain your battery faster, but some people find it useful!

Turn Off the Edge Panel in Settings

A lot of people find the edge panel on Samsung phones to be extremely useful. It has many options. You can add people you call most often, the calendar, tasks, notes, and other features for easy access. However, if you’re not a fan and sliding the panel out accidentally from the side where it’s hidden, you can turn that off. Go to your settings menu, find ‘edge panels,’ and turn the whole thing off or toggle with its customizable options.

What’s great about Samsung phones is that the settings are very friendly and customizable. You can do a lot with your phone and make it more comfortable for you – in every way. Online you can find many other options, which let you customize your phone, so if you find some features annoying or want to tweak them – do what’s best for you!