Home Alone Fans Want Iconic Fake Film to Be Made Into an Actual Movie

YouTube // @MulaMovieclips

If you’ve ever watched Home Alone, you probably remember that scene from a movie that inspired Kevin McCalister to trick the burglars in his house. Fans are now requesting an actual movie be made just from that one small scene. Just imagine how iconic that would be!

The Iconic Home Alone Scene

The iconic black-and-white movie scene is one of the things that makes Home Alone so entertaining. The fake film is called Angels With Filthy Souls, and the line we all know and love is, “Keep the change, ya filthy animal.” Now, be honest. How many of you thought that it was an actual old movie? Actor Seth Rogen did. A few years ago, he shared that his entire childhood had been a lie, thinking the film was indeed real.

YouTube // @dawid0478

Unfortunately, this short scene was filmed just for Home Alone in an abandoned high school gym, referencing a real gangster film from the ’30s. The good news is that people can watch full versions of the scene on the Home Alone DVDs. But hardcore fans aren’t satisfied with just a DVD. They want a full movie with an actual plot.

Fans Demand an Actual Movie

Fans all over X are requesting a film production of Angels With Filthy Souls and its sequel Angels With Filthier Souls. One person said that making a fake film-within-a-film would be a genius idea, and he was wondering why nobody had thought of it yet.

Some were even angry that they hadn’t prioritized filming this movie over other remakes and adaptions that missed the mark throughout the years. We can only hope that Hollywood directors will listen to what the fans want and will come up with a great plot for next Christmas. How cool would it be to watch this right after watching Home Alone?