New Atari 2600+ Gaming Console Will Support ‘Pole Position,’ and We’re Ready to Go Back to the ‘80s

Pole Position Is Available for the New Atari 2600 Plus Gaming Console
New Atari 2600 Plus Gaming Console Will Support ‘Pole Position,’ and We’re Ready to Go Back to the ‘80s

Digital racing has made a serious comeback in recent years, seeing a new hayday. From a Gran Turismo film to online racing leagues and tournaments where people are making big bucks, digital racing is all the rage. Even the professionals use it for practice. Atari has now released the Atari 2600+, which aims to resurface console games like Pole Position, joining in on the digital racing fun.

Fans Can Try Pole Position

If you were a big fan of Atari and still have some games lying around, we’ve got good news for you. Not only does the Atari 2600+ have 10 classic games preloaded onto the console, but it’s also backward compatible with nearly all 2600 and 7800 Atari cartridge games. Those who have old Atari games stashed away can dust them off for some nostalgic gaming. Pole Position, one of the preloaded games on the Atari 2600+, is considered the great-grandfather of the Gran Turismo series of games.

In its arcade cabinet form, Pole Position was a massive hit in 1983, earning $9.5 million each week in quarters. People loved those tiny digital F1 cars. The Atari cartridge version was a hit, too, selling hundreds of thousands of copies. Pole Position, developed by Namco, an early Japanese distributor for Atari, is credited as one of the most influential racing games ever made, paving the way for the racing games to follow.

Atari 2600+ Supports Old Cartridges

While Pole Position briefly made an appearance on Tesla screens through an Easter egg in 2018, the rights to the game were not secured, making it inaccessible to those interested.

Atari 2600+ Supports Old Cartridges

The Atari 2600+, priced at $129.99, offers a nostalgic gaming experience with its retro look, switchgear, and wood trim. It can be connected to modern TVs through widescreen modes and HDMI and USB-C connection ports.

Reviving Classic Games

For those who acquire the 2600+, discovering and exploring the classic gaming world becomes an exciting journey. One highly recommended gem to uncover within this expansive universe is the sequel to Pole Position,Pole Position II. This title has a remarkable similarity to the original game, boasting near-identical gameplay and graphics. It also stands out by adding three brand-new circuits to the original one. Both games have been tried and tested, earning their rightful place among the cherished games that are fully compatible with the 2600+.

Reviving Classic Games

Dying to get your hands on an Atari 2600+? You can preorder the console now, are open, which are set to start shipping out in November. Fans of the Atari products are certainly excited at the prospect of getting this new console, but other games can also feel the break from the complexity of modern racing games that it provides. It definitely offers a nostalgic trip back to the early days of gaming.