‘Most Identical Twins’ Have the Same Boyfriend and Seek the Same Job

Twins can be found everywhere, but most of them lead separate lives from one another, at least in their everyday activities. However, some look so much alike – they’re identical. And they live for that! Twin sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque are identical. They love that they look like the same person and live their lives entirely connected!

‘Most Identical Twins’ Have the Same Boyfriend and Seek the Same Job

Identical Twins in an Interview

Lucy and Anna DeCinque went on an interview on This Morning, hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in the UK, to talk about their life and how inseparable they are! They shared in the interview that they wanted to look even more identical and have already spent $250,000 on cosmetic enhancement. They also continued to share more about their bond and how it influenced their lives.

Wanting to Work Together

The two sisters shared with the hosts that they share a strong bond and need others to recognize and understand it. They said they were looking for a job they both could work at the same place. They must find an employer who will grasp their bond and accept them for who they are, so they have been hunting for a joint career path.

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