Apple Reveals New iPad Models Equipped with Chips for AI-Related Tasks

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In a rapidly advancing technological landscape, Apple has once gained redefined innovation by introducing the revolutionary new iPad Pro. It features not only a lightweight, thin design but also an updated display and fast M4 performance, making the update a giant leap forward in portable computing.

Engine of the New Model

At the heart of the new iPad Pro is the M4 chip, the next generation of Apple silicon. Built on second-generation 3-nanometer technology, the M4 performs at new levels and is super efficient, making it the perfect companion for the sleek design of the new iPad Pro. The M4 chip guarantees smooth multitasking and lightning-fast graphics rendering, boasting CPU performance 1.5 times faster and a GPU performance four times faster than its predecessor.

The M4 chip is more than just a powerhouse—it’s also a brainiac. With Apple’s most powerful neural engine capable of 38 trillion operations per second, the new iPad Pro is an AI live wire. The possibilities are endless, from effortlessly isolating subjects in videos to running powerful AI models locally.

Top-Notch Display and Accessories

Complementing the performance of the M4 chip is the stunning Ultra Retina XDR display powered by state-of-the-art technology. With its precision, color accuracy, and brightness, the Ultra Retina XDR display delivers an incredible experience when it comes to visuals, making every detail come to life.

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And let’s not forget about the all-new accessories. The Apple Pencil Pro brings new interactions to the table, and the thinner and lighter Magic Keyboard is packed with incredible features, enhancing productivity and creativity while on the go. The new iPad Pro hit stores on May 15th and has been making waves ever since.