Are Custom Game Controllers by Microsoft & Sony Worth It?

Sony and Microsoft have fairly standard controllers, and buying extra ones can be quite affordable. However, both companies offer versions that allow the replacement of joysticks and the addition of more inputs. They are also significantly more costly. So, before assuming that you don’t need one, let’s take a look at why you should consider switching to one of these controllers.

Modular Controllers Provide Fine-Tuned Control

The ability to swap out individual joysticks is one of the most useful features of these controllers. You may have noticed that fine-grained aim is difficult to handle with standard controllers. Many console games that require precise targeting offer aim assistance to compensate for this. However, there are ways to improve manual aim.

The standard joysticks on both controllers are replaceable with taller alternatives. They may not seem significant, but it’s not just for convenience’s sake. A taller stick places the thumb further from the joystick module’s center. This implies that larger thumb movements are required to achieve the same level of movement, resulting in a large margin of error when aiming at a target. They both also feature an adjustable resistance setting within the control stick itself, allowing for greater precision.

Adaptive Trigger Buttons

Sony refers to the L2 and R2 trigger buttons on PlayStation controllers as “adaptive triggers,” which tell the game how hard you are pressing the buttons and can even adjust the resistance on the fly. This creates really interesting interactions, such as pulling back further on a bow or encountering resistance when prying open a crate in a video game.

Customized Button Layouts

Anyone who has played games on a PC with gaming peripherals knows that the ability to customize inputs is one of the greatest advantages available. This type of customization is usually not possible on consoles, however, the buttons on both of these controllers can be easily remapped.

It’s a Buy or Pass Game

Overall, these controllers provide a great deal of customizability and comfort that you may not be accustomed to receiving from conventional controllers. In some instances, they can provide tangible competitive advantages. It depends on the types of games you play and how often you play them. Also, it greatly depends on how much effort you are willing to put into optimizing your play style.

Are Custom Game Controllers by Microsoft & Sony Worth It?

The build quality of both controllers is absolutely solid. They have a pleasant feel, too. However, keep in mind that these are upgraded versions of controllers that have been refined for over two decades. It’s difficult to argue that they are superior to the standard controllers, given that they cost two or three times as much. If you opt for the deluxe package, you will receive excellent value for your money.