Caution: New ‘Link History’ Pop-Up Requires Facebook Settings Check

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Tech powerhouse Meta is on a mission to gather as much data as it ca via targeted advertising. There is a new pop-up, and it’s asking for your “link history.” Intrigued to learn more? Keep reading below.

Navigating Cyber Adventures

A new push notification doing the rounds is prompting users of the following: “Easily get back to recent links you’ve visited with your Facebook browsing activity now saved in one place.”

According to the tech specialists at Meta, this new feature is called “Link history.” It’s like a diary of your cyber adventures, showcasing the websites you’ve surfed on the Facebook Mobile Browser over the last 30 days. The good news is, you’re in control. Meta assures you that you can flick the switch on or off for link history at any time. Your data, your choice.

A Chronicle of Facebook’s Mobile Browser

When you’ve got link history switched on, any links you tap within Facebook and explore in Facebook’s Mobile Browser will be stored here for 30 days.

X (Twitter) // @Faslu_35

Interestingly, links you visit in the chat wonderland of Messenger won’t be part of this history book.

Empower Your Digital Journey

Here’s how to retain control of your digital trail! Here’s your step-by-step guide on toggling that “Link history” switch:

  1. Open your Facebook app and tap any link to open Facebook’s Mobile Browser.
  2. Three little dots in the bottom right corner: tap on “Go to Settings.”
  3. To turn on link history, tap the icon next to “Allow link history.” Confirm your choice with a tap on “Allow.”
  4. If you want to turn link history off, tap the same icon next to “Allow link history.” Confirm your decision by tapping “Don’t allow.”

When you do this, your link history gets an instant wipe, and you won’t see any visited links anymore. Plus, Facebook won’t keep or use your link history for ads across Meta technologies.

Quick note: Turning off link history might take up to 90 days for Meta to wrap up the deletion process.