Netflix Has a Tool That Lets You Kick People Off Your Account

Netflix’s primary goal for 2023 is to crack down on password sharing and eventually put an end to it. It’s a move that is applauded by some viewers but causes concern for others. The streaming service wants every household that watches their shows to pay their way instead of relying on the network of informal agreements that people have.

Netflix Has a Tool That Allows the Account Owner to Manage the Access
Netflix Puts an End to Password Sharing

Many people share an account with family and friends so that they can watch Netflix on many devices. However, if this is the setup you have got, then your days of use are pretty much numbered.

Netflix claims that they have approximately 230 million subscribers. On top of that, there are about 100 million people who are watching someone else’s account. While many of these people will be watching with the permission of the person paying the bill, there will be plenty who won’t, and there are a variety of reasons why you would want to remove them.

Perhaps you’ve split up with someone and want them out of your life completely, or perhaps you have so many people sharing your account that you hardly use it yourself. Conversely, you can discover that your Netflix account is overrun with a group of strangers who have acquired access and are now streaming at no charge. An online report shows that consumers have discovered that strangers had accessed their Netflix accounts in a variety of ways.

More Control Over Who’s Watching

Someone sold a Tesla and learned that the buyer was using his account to watch Netflix, while someone else discovered that Airbnb guests who failed to log off were using their Netflix account too. The new tool allows you to remove users from your account. It can be useful in such situations. Simply go to Settings and locate the second option, titled Manage Access and Devices. You should see a list of all the locations where you’ve signed into Netflix, and you can sign out with the click of a button.

If you believe that someone is using your account without your permission, the streaming service recommends that you change the password. However, they now offer this great feature that allows you to monitor which devices are accessing your account and block them.