Annoying Reason Your Laptop Charger Might Be Turning Yellow

Annoying Reason Your Laptop Charger Might Be Turning Yellow

Your laptop charger may work just fine, but can you trust it if it’s turning yellow? Actually, no! It needs to go. A yellowing charger is dangerous. Here’s why.

Why Your Charger Is Turning Yellow

Apparently, if the cable you’re charging your laptop with is starting to turn yellow – it’s a sign you should stop using it immediately. Turns out, if your cable is starting to go yellow—it’s not ‘yellow fever’, it’s heat!

The simple answer is that certain cables don’t have adequate protection against heat and start to turn yellow from continued use. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly—the consequences are potentially life-threatening.

Do Something

Once a charger goes yellow, it’s a fire risk. And once the charger starts smoking unexpectedly, it’s time to get rid of the charger immediately. Not only is it dangerous to you, but it’s probably totally fried, too. Insulation damage. Do something before a bad situation happens, and unplug it immediately.

Pexels // Karolina Grabowska

If the wires inside the charger have been damaged, by wrapping it after every charge or pulling on it too many times, the insulator could be affected. No matter what you do, the wires are compromised. Remember, if you see yellow, it’s time for that part to go!