Woman’s Unique Name Sets Off Both Alexa and Siri Devices When She’s in Meetings

A woman has recently opened up about her unusual name which has virtual assistants going off every time someone calls her.

Surrounded by Virtual Assistants

21st-century technology has made our lives so much easier and we’re surrounded by subservient tech, standing by to tell us the time to play our favorite song or let us know the current temperature in Hawaii. There is no doubt that these devices have changed our lives but they’ve definitely made a greater impact on the life of a woman by the name of Alexa Seary and the reason should be quite obvious.

Back in the day, one could have said that Alexa Seary is a beautiful and rather unique name. However, the “unique” part ended in 2011 when Apple introduced its personal assistant function, Siri. This is when the jokes first started but… She couldn’t believe it when in 2014, Amazon released its own human assistant version the Amazon Echo, and named it Alexa.

Tough Time to Be Alexa Seary

Alexa used to work in a restaurant in her early 20s and was constantly facing customers making lame jokes and giving her robot-like commands. Seary is now 27 and works in pharmaceutical marketing and while the jokes are not as common, there’s always someone who decides it would be funny to make the virtual assistant joke.

Regardless of the jokes, Alexa likes her name and feels like it’s a trademark. Yes, she’s constantly setting off people’s Alexa in their homes and when they say her name in meetings. As a kid, she always thought that sharing her last name with Siri was cool but when Alexa came out, it was a bit too much and a little annoying.

However, as a grown woman, she got used to the jokes and is now over it. Alexa even wants to keep Seary as her last name when she gets married and is a firm believer that her unusual name is the perfect icebreaker.