‘Blazing Saddles’ Producers Hid These Facts From The Public

This article appeared in brain-sharper.com and has been published here with permission.

1974 brought one of the funniest films ever made by Warner Brothers. It hit the silver screen and made huge waves, which still carries an impact to this day. Here are hidden facts about Blazing Saddles!

An Unlikely Appearance

Movie premieres are known to be glamorous and saturated with the most expensive tailored suits and A-listers popping out of fancy rides. However, for this film, guests arrived on horseback, to match the film’s theme.

blazing saddles
An Unlikely Appearance

Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night

Chief executive Ted Ashley was not pleased after Brooks screened the film for Warner Brothers. Ashley cornered Brooks and commanded, “You have to do the following: take out (the N-word), take out the bean scene, punching a horse, the Lili von Shtupp and the black sheriff ‘you’re sucking my arm,’ or something. You’ve got to take it all out.” Brooks replied, “Great! They’re all out,” only instead of doing as he was told, he threw out all the notes and walked away.

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Down You Go

Film fanatics will remember the following scene very well: the brutish Mongo parked his horse in a no parking zone, and then was confronted by a fellow horse rider. Mongo then calmly walked over and clobbered the horse, and by doing so, he knocked them both to the ground. Apparently, Brooks did not simply make up this part out of thin air, but rather, it was inspired by a real-life story he once heard from his old boss, Sid Caesar.

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Bad Taste

Despite how hilarious Mongo’s knockout punch scene was considered, some viewers saw it as inappropriate. Animal rights activists were enraged with the treatment of the horse, despite the fact that in reality, no horses were injured. Still, it was argued that a lesser violent scene could have been made, which would not have made others get any ideas as was suggested in the film. Fortunately, the filmmakers did not have to harm any animals to film the scene, as they had horses trained to fall on command.

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