35 of the Most Paused Movie Scenes in Hollywood History

This article appeared in ninjajournalist.com and has been published here with permission.

Scanners (1981)

While it’s not the most recognizable film on this list, Scanners has certainly developed a strong fan base since its 1981 release. The movie that kickstarted David Cronenberg’s career, Scanners revolves heavily around psychic powers and how devastating those powers can be. The following scene has been paused so much due to the gory nature of it. We won’t spoil it for you, but it involves someone’s head and it happens so fast that you simply have to rewind and pause to get the full effect of it.

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Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

While it is not the greatest movie of all time, Fast Times at Ridgemont High is certainly a classic ’80s coming-of-age movie. While there are some good performances, it seems like the most memorable scene is a pretty superficial one. It involves Phoebe Cates’s character Linda, who is enjoying a swim with her friend Stacy. The most paused moment in that scene comes when Linda finally climbs up the steps and gets out of the pool.

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Basic Instinct (1992)

It has to be, without a doubt, one of the most iconic and provocative shots in all of movie history. Sharon Stone certainly stole headlines for her performance in 1992’s Basic Instinct. However, this scene ultimately overshadowed the entire movie and for obvious reasons. Despite seemingly being fully dressed, Stone’s leg crossover gave viewers a lot more than they had anticipated going into the movie. It’s amazing how many people failed to finish the movie because they paused on this scene.

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Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This is one movie that has one of the most paused scenes in movie history for very different reasons. Cabin in the Woods received rave reviews because of its meta approach to the horror genre. During a scene where scientists are working out what could happen to the main characters, a whiteboard can be seen detailing a list of creatures being controlled by the scientists. So many viewers have paused this scene to get a closer look at which monsters are actually on the list.

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